Our Horses are the heart and soul of our program.

Victory Gallop is home to up 10 therapeutic horses. These horses are the heart and soul of our program. Their kindness and sensitivity helps develop confidence and trust in our riders. A horse sponsor provides the care that is required for a year for one of these special guys. It includes their grain, hay, shavings, blacksmith fees, medical needs, blankets and any other needed equipment for the horse. In return, the sponsor’s name is engraved on a plaque and placed on the horse's stall door. Sponsors are welcome to visit their adopted friend anytime. The cost to sponsor a horse for one year is $2,500. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these special animals, please download a Horse Sponsorship Form below or feel free to call us at 330-666-0300.


Rambo is a gentle giant, always in a happy mood. He has a kind eye and a wonderful disposition. His breeding is Dutch Warmblood. His gaits are smooth and he is a perfect horse for the students to learn to canter. Donated By: Lisa Matonis
mister pony

Mister Pony

Mister Pony came from Texas. A true cowboy pony. He lived on a farm where he did it all from rounding up cows to being the star at birthday parties. We love him because he looks just like Rufus. He has quickly become a favorite because he is fast and agile. Syndicated By: Generous supporters from the Evening Under the Stars


Tugs is a big, handsome Westfalen. His past consists of mostly a dressage background. He is a very kind guy who enjoys lots of attention. His show name was "Grazie" and he was also know as "Gaucho". But his size and attitude made us think of a Tugboat. Donated By: Debbie Liff


Tat was born in 2001 and is a Warmblood who came to us from Georgia. He spent his career as a show hunter. He is a very kind and patient horse. He is easy to ride and enjoys being around the kids. Donated By: Holly Sims


Cowboy is a kind soul. He spent his life, before coming to us, as a barrel racer. He is a quarter horse who was born in 1996. He is easy to work around, loves to be groomed and wonderful for the younger riders. Syndicated By: Generous supporters from the Evening Under the Stars


Snicker is a Haflinger. He is energetic but smooth and well-muscled but elegant. Everyone loves his beautiful flaxen mane and tail. Donated By: Stephen A. Comunale


Splash came to us from Fat Chance Farm in Unionville PA. He was imported from Ireland and even has his own passport. Before coming to Victory Gallop he was showed as a jumper. His beautiful markings and sweet personality makes him a barn favorite. He was born in 2005. Donated By: Joy Slater


Hawk, is a Thoroughbred, born March 28, 1994. His racing name was Double Mint, after retiring from racing he became a show hunter and then a school horse. He has taught many young riders how to became a better equestrian. Donated by: Lake Erie College


Willie came to us from Divide, Colorado, in October 2017. His video on the internet was just too cute to pass up. We do not know a lot about his past, but his big brown eyes and adorable face made us fall in love. He has started his training to become Petie's protege. We have made trips to Petsmart, Pets Pajamas, and a local nursing care facility. So far he is doing well and seems to enjoy what is being asked of him. We hope to begin his trips to the hospital in the spring of 2018.
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